See. Angel.

I just fell in love:

Clionidae is a family of sea angels, which are a group of pelagic marine gastropods.

They are shaped a little like angels, and have flapping "wings", hence their common name. They are gelatinous, mostly transparent pteropods, and they only have shells in their embryonic stage. They are mostly very small, with the largest species (Clione limacina) reaching 5 centimeters (2 in).

The Clionidae use winglike flaps for rhythmical locomotion, as if flying in the sea. These "wings" are attached to the anterior part of the body. The posterior part is gelatinous and mostly transparent.

The orange visceral sac is confined to the anterior part.

They live in cold water, eat only once in their lifetimes, and produce offspring on their own, without mating.

And i want this so much:

It's around $1000US, but someday when i'm rich.....

Hello Kitty has even dressed as one:


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mc rasputyson.

So yesterday i was in a webcam chat with mc chris (in which he paraphased something i said to him on FaceBook last week), this morning Melora from Rasputina answered my question, and i'm waiting for an email response from physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson regarding dark matter, dark energy, and the expansion of the universe.

I love the internet sometimes.

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This is what happened after i used the microwave this evening.

The glass was crackling and moving around the counter for a while after.

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Anger over the oil "spill", set to the music of Kevin McMahon (Prick, Lucky Pierre, (sic)).

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